A REAL Yard SALE! @ Kelly’s Cove/905 near Conway

24 03 2009
Kelly's Cove on 905 near Conway, SC

Kelly's Cove on 905 near Conway, SC

Yes! This SATURDAY, March 28 from 9-2PM  All lots reduced from $62,500 to $42.500 ($20,000) and with acceptable contract this SATURDAY, Price is $40,000!  Coming by this Saturday you get a real yard view of Kelly’s Cove!  The community is having a yard sale and we’ve decided to do a “REAL YARD SALE”  Buy your YARD/LOT this weekend and really save.  Lots were $62,500 now $40,000 This SATURDAY Only!


Myrtle Beach’s Market Common–Neo Traditional!

3 04 2008
Market Commons, Myrtle Beach SC

Market Commons, Myrtle Beach SC

600 Million brought into Myrtle Beach economy with Myrtle Beach Commons…….with it comes the businesses that brings the visitors and locals to us.  It’s like a whole new town within a city.   Read what the Sun News has to say about it.   http://thesunnews.typepad.com/themarketcommon/2008/04/the-market-co-1.html 

After visiting Seabrook recently, there was another “new” little town between Seabrook and Kiawah. It was named Freshfields Village http://www.freshfieldsvillage.com/.  I feel like these “Neo-Traditional” neighborhoods are like going by home or going back 40/50 years ago to ” 

These are all good reasons to Come & Relax in a state that’s doing great things…….South Carolina.  You might want to check out our personal blog,  Celebrate South Carolina  The article on the Angel Oak Tree was an article I wrote while visiting Seabrook.  Nina Nash

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