Current Job Market in Myrtle Beach?

18 03 2011

We took a little time to research the best way to get the information on the current job market for Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas. Also, just posted on Carolina Alive News:

Hhgregg to hire 50 people in Myrtle Beach….. read the story at

Follow this link  for the South Carolina’s Department of Employment & Workforce .  Through this link there are many reports and search engines to get you the answers you are looking for.  Links will be on the right column under favorite links, too! IT’S EASY

To do a specific type of Job/Career search follow these steps:
Click on: Jobs, Jobs,Jobs
Virtual One Stop ( tool bar)
Find a Job (button on the right)

On the bar to the right, under Services for Individuals, Scroll over Career Services and down to Job Market Explorer
The key words are : For a County search- Horry
For a Metropolitan search- Myrtle Beach

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30 12 2009

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North Myrtle Beach has added new signage:  17th Avenue South, Crescent Beach’s main street gives you at a peak of what’s new in NMB:

Main Street Crescent Beach

You can also visit the latest news media outlets above at Local TV & News!  We always say Come See!  Come Live!

Heart of Myrtle Beach blank canvas awaits unknown artist???

8 12 2009

Our recent mayoral election brought out some compelling comments and views on the future of Myrtle Beach.  I particularly like this one by Bo Bryan on the heart of Myrtle Beach’s future  is a blank canvas for an unknown artist.  Maybe you could be the next visionary for a family oriented tourist/second home town!   Read all about it……..


Just got a note from a friend in Iowa about winter snowstorm approaching…… Burrr.  The weather here in Myrtle Beach is a little overcast today but I’m just wearing a jacket……  A great day for golf, tennis or work!  South Carolina is a great place to live, work and play!  We always say, “Come See.  Come Live!”  

By the way, John Rhodes was elected Mayor and he has been in the hospitality/tourism  business since I moved to Myrtle Beach in 1972.  We worked together at the Myrtle Beach Hilton where he was the director of sales–bringing people from across the county to a place we love–Myrtle Beach!   I wrote an article on Myrtle Beach’s birthday and Mayor John Rhodes under  You may need to look in archives around the first of the year–at bottom.

$8,000 Tax Credit Extended PLUS positive changes

10 11 2009

Just released from the National Association of Realtors, a guide to new extension and other great benefits……see the guide at$FILE/government_affairs_tax_credit_ext_chart_110409.pdf

Things are beginning to move–we’re seeing homes finally being sold up North and those contingencies coming off of  offers down South.  Great News for 2010!!!!   It’s time to Come, See! Come, Live!  Give us a call at 1800ToRelax or search the Myrtle Beach MLS Cyber Cafe’ for a taste of what’s happening here along the Carolina Coastline!

Loris, SC–A small town, near Myrtle Beach!

27 03 2009

In the e-blast we just did:  I did a BIG no no!  You have to put the .com on an internet address.  We are  Hope some of you got here!  WELCOME and please forgive me!

Wall Street/Main Street:  We’d like to introduce you to small towns near the Carolina Coastland.  We introduce to you Loris, South Carolina.  Come See, Come Live! 

WLSC 1240 Streaming

WLSC 1240 Streaming

Local radio station WLSC 1240 AM is a special connection to us.  Owner “Banana Jack” and his self acclaimed “Mayberry” town and radio station has made it just that.  We celebrate going back to roots that remind us (babyboomers) of home……  And,  Andy of Mayberry was always watched around my home.  And, “What it was, was football.”  Do you remember?

You can connect to the nostolsgia at (streaming online) Country, Bluegrass & Southern Gospel.  You can also connect to the Loris Chamber of Commerce at  Main Street Loris has many little shops and plenty of fine people.  Don’t miss The Right Recipe Restaurant either or the Sea Man’s Restaurant on Highway 9 about half way between North Myrtle Beach and Loris.

“Yard Sales” abound in small towns.  If you’re out exploring small towns or the countryside, stop by and visit Kelly’s Cove.  Just between Loris & Conway on 905, Kelly’s Cove a unique neighborhood just 5 miles from Highway 22.  This weekend, Saturday, March 28, we’re having a “YARD SALE”  Lots drastically reduced.  Check out article below to learn more. 

Myrtle Lakes North on Highway 9 going towards Loris, is a small neighborhood.  We’ve just sold the remaining lots to RSParker Builders and they will begin construction on their model home shortly.  We still have 3 remaining homes there, priced in mid $100s or you could lease to purchase one of them.  It’s just 10 minutes from Loris and 15 minutes from North Myrtle Beach.  Myrtle Lakes North


For more information on Myrtle Lakes North or Kelly’s Cove, give us a call at 1800ToRelax or e-mail us at  Have a great day!  You can also visit and see other areas of South Carolina!

A REAL Yard SALE! @ Kelly’s Cove/905 near Conway

24 03 2009
Kelly's Cove on 905 near Conway, SC

Kelly's Cove on 905 near Conway, SC

Yes! This SATURDAY, March 28 from 9-2PM  All lots reduced from $62,500 to $42.500 ($20,000) and with acceptable contract this SATURDAY, Price is $40,000!  Coming by this Saturday you get a real yard view of Kelly’s Cove!  The community is having a yard sale and we’ve decided to do a “REAL YARD SALE”  Buy your YARD/LOT this weekend and really save.  Lots were $62,500 now $40,000 This SATURDAY Only!

WOW A “Mayberry” town for Sure!! Loris, SC

14 06 2008

Local radio station WLSC 1240 AM is a connection to the past.  Owner “Banana Jack” and his self acclaimed “Mayberry” town and radio station has made it just that.  We celebrate going back to roots that remind us babyboomers of home……  And, I sure remember Andy of Mayberry, Mt. Pilot and Goober (my favorite, besides Opie).  And, “What it was, was football.”  Do you remember?

You can connect to the nostolsgia at (streaming online) Country, Bluegrass & Southern Gospel.  You can also connect to the Loris Chamber of Commerce at  

We’ve just introduced a “Quiet” Nice Neighborhood called Myrtle Lakes North.  It’s just 10 minutes from Loris and 15 minutes from North Myrtle Beach.  Connect to our Coastal Real Estate Connection to see it:  1800ToRelax Coastal Connection 

Small towns are all about South Carolina and this is just another reason to Let’s Celebrate South Carolina.  Ya’ll come visit Loris!  In the fall they always have the Loris Bog Off???!!!

Need Directions on New Beach Community!

7 04 2008

Introducing our latest community!  Myrtle Lakes North , located on Highway 9, W., Longs, SC, and situated between North Myrtle Beach and Loris (the best of two worlds).  Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of only 175 homesites and a most congeniual homeowners association…..they like their neighborhood!

Phase I now has 65 homes, 10 lots, the community pool and fully operating Homeowners Association (low fees).  Prices of lots starting at $39,900!  New Homes completed starting at $169,900 and Re-sales starting at $174,000.  Phase II is opening soon with 80 lots with prices beginning at $44,900. 

Do you have a builder??  If not, may we recommend Flagship Builders…3 different floor plans now available to build on the lot of your choice!

Call now and ask for the Myrtle Lakes Team….Michelle or Ruth!  They are waiting for your call. 1800ToRelax or click on link to see Myrtle Lakes today! Myrtle Lakes North

Myrtle Beach’s Market Common–Neo Traditional!

3 04 2008
Market Commons, Myrtle Beach SC

Market Commons, Myrtle Beach SC

600 Million brought into Myrtle Beach economy with Myrtle Beach Commons…….with it comes the businesses that brings the visitors and locals to us.  It’s like a whole new town within a city.   Read what the Sun News has to say about it. 

After visiting Seabrook recently, there was another “new” little town between Seabrook and Kiawah. It was named Freshfields Village  I feel like these “Neo-Traditional” neighborhoods are like going by home or going back 40/50 years ago to ” 

These are all good reasons to Come & Relax in a state that’s doing great things…….South Carolina.  You might want to check out our personal blog,  Celebrate South Carolina  The article on the Angel Oak Tree was an article I wrote while visiting Seabrook.  Nina Nash

Happy Birthday Myrtle Beach! 1938-2008!

16 03 2008

I attended the first ever “State of the City Address” by Mayor John Rhodes (personal friend) and Myrtle Beach’s 70th Birthday Celebration 1938-2008!         

The theme was “It’s Time Again.”  Can you believe that we have addressed some 518 issues concerning our city’s growth and improvement out of about 589 issues—that’s over 500……  We are something Special!  You can get the full story on Myrtle Beach and its achievements at  

Can you believe that one of our accomplishments was to host the republican debate and the democrat debate in January 2008!  “First in the South”  All of our municipalities and the Myrtle Beach Chamber produced a world-class event!  Sand Sculptures of the Candidates!!! WOW!    It was great seeing “old” friends (I say that lovingly).  John Rhodes, our Mayor, and friend since the opening of the Myrtle Beach Hilton days; Dr. Sal Rini (delivered my son in 1985);  Ellen Benik Thompson (the first person I ever met in Myrtle Beach), Terry Springs (the daughter of Jack and Sarah Springs—Tony’s Restaurant on NMB) and Gary Loftus (from my hotel days) were in attendance.  I moved here in 1972 and started work at the Hilton (Yes, the Myrtle Beach HILTON) in 1974!  I love Myrtle Beach!  And I believe I saw John get a little choked up last night when he said he loved Myrtle Beach, too!  There’s just something about Myrtle Beach that captures your heart! You can get the full story on Myrtle Beach and its achievements at or you can check out the chamber website to the right.  They’re always looking for civic-minded volunteers to help–get connected! 

All of this is reason to Celebrate South Carolina!  Come See, Come Live!  Myrtle Beach! 

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