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7 02 2012

Bird Island, NC, a 30-minute walk from civilization—is the little black mailbox that could.  Most people get there by boat!

Yahoo Travel boast of unusual beaches all over the world and the Carolina Coast made the cut!

If you’re looking for a new address or a place to do some relaxing, we recommend the Coast of the Carolinas!

We always say, “Come See! Come Live!

Information brought to you by Nina Nash, Century 21 Coastal Lifestyles, in the beautiful Myrtle Beach area where she celebrates South Carolina. Your calls, comments and questions are welcome: call or click: 1-800-To-Relax

Heart of Myrtle Beach blank canvas awaits unknown artist???

8 12 2009

Our recent mayoral election brought out some compelling comments and views on the future of Myrtle Beach.  I particularly like this one by Bo Bryan on the heart of Myrtle Beach’s future  is a blank canvas for an unknown artist.  Maybe you could be the next visionary for a family oriented tourist/second home town!   Read all about it…….. 



Just got a note from a friend in Iowa about winter snowstorm approaching…… Burrr.  The weather here in Myrtle Beach is a little overcast today but I’m just wearing a jacket……  A great day for golf, tennis or work!  South Carolina is a great place to live, work and play!  We always say, “Come See.  Come Live!”  

By the way, John Rhodes was elected Mayor and he has been in the hospitality/tourism  business since I moved to Myrtle Beach in 1972.  We worked together at the Myrtle Beach Hilton where he was the director of sales–bringing people from across the county to a place we love–Myrtle Beach!   I wrote an article on Myrtle Beach’s birthday and Mayor John Rhodes under www.LetscelebrateSouthCarolina.com.  You may need to look in archives around the first of the year–at bottom.

Canadians & Snowbirds flocking to Myrtle Beach! Plus other good news about Myrtle Beach’s economy!

18 02 2009
South Carolina Welcomes Canadians

South Carolina Welcomes Canadians

A BIG South Carolina Welcome! We hear the “honkers” flying overhead and we welcome them as well as our Canadian friends & family.  March 14-22, 2009 Official Canadian American Days.   Incorporated in this event will include National Shag Dance Tournament, ST. Patrick’s Day Parade in NMB, and so much more. 

Visit the official website for all the details and events.   Canadian/American Days    For special hotel rates visit Winter Rental Specials above.


Additional News on Myrtle Beach:  For local news and weather:  http://www.carolinalive.com/ WPDE TV

“Judge clears sale of Hard Rock Park,”  Sun News article @  Hard Rock Theme Park Story

Myrtle Beach named #15 for Healthiest Home Market by Builder Magazine: Myrtle Beach #15 in Healthy Home Market 

Hoskins Restaurant reopens Feb. 17, Check above for Current & Local News.

As we like to say Come See! Come Live!  You’ll love it here!

Let’s Celebrate South Carolina

13 11 2008

“Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morn……..ning! Al Jolson’s version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoJJcixSfjo (if you’d like to listen).  I really like James Taylor’s “Going to Carolina” in article below on whistling (some guy called me a moran for thinking James Taylor was from SC).  Well, I know he’s from NC–but what’s the difference?  When we started out, we were CAROLINA!  Which is the female name for Charles (Charleston)!  I even have a map that shows we go all the way to the Mississippi River.  We were too BIG to handle.

I’ve found a great website for South Carolina.  You can find out just about anything you need to know.  It’s listed to the right called SC iway.net. I use it alot!  In case you haven’t noticed on our new licensed tag there is a website called trave2sc.com (you’ll see it to the right as well).

I started out this year wanting to celebrate the people and businesses coming to South Carolina to live, work, and play…There are some exciting things happening; however, this 2008 has really been different for me.  Being in the RE business, we keep saying that we are readjusting or getting back to a realistic growth pattern.  I went to hear Donald Schunk of Coastal Carolina University (the Wall Business School is noted INTERNATIONALLY) at the Realtors meeting this past Friday; and, WOW, he had good information on our economy.  His forecast was hope and a view of things returning to the early 2000s before we were hit with so many variables…  I’d like to hear more Don!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with safe travels, big turkey, collard greens, dressing, and plenty of family fun.

You do know that if you hit the rss in the bottom right, you’ll be notified of everytime an article is released from LetsCelebrateSouthCarolina.com.  Also, if you haven’t registered for the Jill Strickland framed print, please do so to the right!  We’ll be giving it away at the end of the year! So just do it!

Labor of Love this Labor Day! A Man Named Pearl! from SC

26 08 2008

This so inspired me and this man is from Bishopville, SC, Lee County! 

Genuine Labor of Love, you’ve got to see this…… Bishopville’s Pearl Fryar.  WOW, Pearl Fryar an inspiration to us all. Watch the trailer–about 2 minutes–it’s worth it!

Another reason to Celebrate South Carolina.  Register to win a framed Jill Strickland Print.  Click on registration to the right. 

Thank you and may your Labor Day Weekend be inspiring and filled with life, love & laughter!

Canadian Geese head South and Canadians, too!!!

9 03 2008

Have you seen those geese heading South?  Well, I saw them recently in Bishopville, SC, while fishing in the “Nash Pond.”  My son caught a big bass!  Well, the “honkers” were flying…..what a sound!  If only I had my camera.

The 45th annual Canadian-American Days will take place from March 11-19. The Can-Am Reception and Expo officially kicks off the festival.” quote from the official website…….http://www.myrtlebeachinfo.com/canamdays/media06.html.  Get all the details!

Hope you stopped by our booth and picked up a newsletter.  As promised, these are the links to our suggested places to visit.  And, don’t forget to register for the Framed Print of Jill Strickland (to the right).

Brookgreen Gardens: http://www.brookgreen.org/

Camden Revolutionary War Park: http://www.historic-camden.net/

 Bishopville Cotton Museum: http://www.sciway.net/city/bishopville.html

King Street, Charleston:  http://www.charlestoncvb.com/

These links are to the right as well as above; but, don’t forget to sign up for your South Carolina framed print give-away.  Link to the right!!!!


Another reason to Celebrate South Carolina–our Canadian visitors!  Ya’ll have a wonderful time and have safe travels! 

Come See, Come Live!

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