Myrtle Beach, Temperatures UP + Visitors UP = Streets Buzzin!

16 02 2011

Get a look at the foreclosures before you make your trip to the beach: In most cases, when a foreclosure comes on the market, it will get multiple offers the same day.  Be ready. 

The Grand Strand–all areas:   Foreclosure Lists 3/26/11.    (Above Tab) Call 1800ToRelax for Customer Service or respond to or text at 843-251-9342

It's a beautiful Day!

Need a deal with accommodations:

Aflac expansion–jobs, jobs, jobs: Read about it at

Information brought to you by Nina Nash, Century 21 Coastal Lifestyles, in the beautiful Myrtle Beach area where she celebrates South Carolina. Your calls, comments and questions are welcome: call or click: 1-800-To-Relax

May Activity in MB & NMB Up! Up! Up!

12 05 2010

Walk-ins up, Tourisum up, streets buzzin and sounds of beach family & fun in the air!  check out the May Activities for the Grand Strand.  Plan a trip to the beach if you’re not already here!

Hotel Accommodations and Deals: or

or Visit our Coastal Events and Festivals to the right!  We always say, “Come See!  Come Play!”

Welcome Spring 2010!

21 03 2010

Plenty of events planned for the Spring!  Earth Day not until next Saturday–gearing up is Market Commons pictured above.  Check out the events on or

The streets are buzzin–the fresh markets are open.  The antique car show, cheerleaders competition and golfers are here as well as Spring, 2010!  Walk-ins and Buyers are here as well.    Most seem to be wanting the Foreclosure List–above for current list; however, it’s a buyers’ market–good buys everywhere.  The tax credit has been extended through April.  A good thing to take advantage of if you can.   Rules in article below.

Read more about at the Festivals and Events to the right and/or visit the blog about South Carolina towns. 

We’re looking forward to a robust spring with tourist and buyers wanting to escape from the cold harsh winter 2009/2010.  A winter we won’t forget!  And as we always say, “Come See! Come Live!”

Happy Birthday Myrtle Beach! 1938-2008!

16 03 2008

I attended the first ever “State of the City Address” by Mayor John Rhodes (personal friend) and Myrtle Beach’s 70th Birthday Celebration 1938-2008!         

The theme was “It’s Time Again.”  Can you believe that we have addressed some 518 issues concerning our city’s growth and improvement out of about 589 issues—that’s over 500……  We are something Special!  You can get the full story on Myrtle Beach and its achievements at  

Can you believe that one of our accomplishments was to host the republican debate and the democrat debate in January 2008!  “First in the South”  All of our municipalities and the Myrtle Beach Chamber produced a world-class event!  Sand Sculptures of the Candidates!!! WOW!    It was great seeing “old” friends (I say that lovingly).  John Rhodes, our Mayor, and friend since the opening of the Myrtle Beach Hilton days; Dr. Sal Rini (delivered my son in 1985);  Ellen Benik Thompson (the first person I ever met in Myrtle Beach), Terry Springs (the daughter of Jack and Sarah Springs—Tony’s Restaurant on NMB) and Gary Loftus (from my hotel days) were in attendance.  I moved here in 1972 and started work at the Hilton (Yes, the Myrtle Beach HILTON) in 1974!  I love Myrtle Beach!  And I believe I saw John get a little choked up last night when he said he loved Myrtle Beach, too!  There’s just something about Myrtle Beach that captures your heart! You can get the full story on Myrtle Beach and its achievements at or you can check out the chamber website to the right.  They’re always looking for civic-minded volunteers to help–get connected! 

All of this is reason to Celebrate South Carolina!  Come See, Come Live!  Myrtle Beach! 

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Canadian Geese head South and Canadians, too!!!

9 03 2008

Have you seen those geese heading South?  Well, I saw them recently in Bishopville, SC, while fishing in the “Nash Pond.”  My son caught a big bass!  Well, the “honkers” were flying…..what a sound!  If only I had my camera.

The 45th annual Canadian-American Days will take place from March 11-19. The Can-Am Reception and Expo officially kicks off the festival.” quote from the official website…….  Get all the details!

Hope you stopped by our booth and picked up a newsletter.  As promised, these are the links to our suggested places to visit.  And, don’t forget to register for the Framed Print of Jill Strickland (to the right).

Brookgreen Gardens:

Camden Revolutionary War Park:

 Bishopville Cotton Museum:

King Street, Charleston:

These links are to the right as well as above; but, don’t forget to sign up for your South Carolina framed print give-away.  Link to the right!!!!


Another reason to Celebrate South Carolina–our Canadian visitors!  Ya’ll have a wonderful time and have safe travels! 

Come See, Come Live!

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