Labor of Love this Labor Day! A Man Named Pearl! from SC

26 08 2008

This so inspired me and this man is from Bishopville, SC, Lee County! 

Genuine Labor of Love, you’ve got to see this…… Bishopville’s Pearl Fryar.  WOW, Pearl Fryar an inspiration to us all. Watch the trailer–about 2 minutes–it’s worth it!

Another reason to Celebrate South Carolina.  Register to win a framed Jill Strickland Print.  Click on registration to the right. 

Thank you and may your Labor Day Weekend be inspiring and filled with life, love & laughter!




One response

17 11 2008

Oh I just love Pearl Fryar! I went to go meet him a few years ago with a class. We were studying “outsider art” and he is a great inspiration to so many. He is a very funny and friendly man. If he sees someone looking around his yard he usually just comes on out his house and talks to them…It is easy to see his great passion for art. He even took our whole class out for lunch!! You can’t help but smile after you meet him. He is also one of those people who has seen so much history in his life and he remembers it all and tells great stories.

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