WOW A “Mayberry” town for Sure!! Loris, SC

14 06 2008

Local radio station WLSC 1240 AM is a connection to the past.  Owner “Banana Jack” and his self acclaimed “Mayberry” town and radio station has made it just that.  We celebrate going back to roots that remind us babyboomers of home……  And, I sure remember Andy of Mayberry, Mt. Pilot and Goober (my favorite, besides Opie).  And, “What it was, was football.”  Do you remember?

You can connect to the nostolsgia at (streaming online) Country, Bluegrass & Southern Gospel.  You can also connect to the Loris Chamber of Commerce at  

We’ve just introduced a “Quiet” Nice Neighborhood called Myrtle Lakes North.  It’s just 10 minutes from Loris and 15 minutes from North Myrtle Beach.  Connect to our Coastal Real Estate Connection to see it:  1800ToRelax Coastal Connection 

Small towns are all about South Carolina and this is just another reason to Let’s Celebrate South Carolina.  Ya’ll come visit Loris!  In the fall they always have the Loris Bog Off???!!!




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26 10 2008

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