Celebrate South Carolina

22 01 2008

 North Myrtle Beach , SC   CENTURY 21 Coastal Lifestyles is a business proud and excited to “Celebrate South Carolina” as our home, our heritage, and our business.  Where people are coming to live, work, and play

Our decision to focus 2008 on “Celebrate South Carolina” came from following months of a slow or what media has claimed as a down market in real estate.  Well, I’m a South Carolinian first and a Realtor second and our family is in the land business.   Therefore, we’re publishing the good news about South Carolina and what people are saying about us and who’s doing business here.

We’re a great state and we’re ready to tell the world.  So let’s keep connected and tell the good news about our state.  You don’t have to be a South Carolinian but it might help. 

Nina Nash 





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28 01 2008
Real Estate In Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Where was this blog a year ago? Great article (Celebrate South Carolina)! Can you believe I was searching for Real Estate In Myrtle Beach South Carolina when I fond this post Monday.

28 01 2008

What did you like most about it? Did you go to our website: Myrtle Beach Real Estate? Can we help you?

31 01 2008
Myrtle Beach Investment Real Estate

BOOKMARK THIS BLOG NOW!!! This is sooo to the point and well written (Celebrate South Carolina). I wish I had found this blog a long time ago. Originally I was searching Google for information on Myrtle Beach Investment Real Estate when I stumbled across you Thursday.

13 02 2008
North Myrtle Beach Real Estate

I love blogs like this one. You are 100% on point. Do I detect the least bit of sarcasm in your writing (re: Celebrate South Carolina)? Keep up the good work, I was looking around for information about North Myrtle Beach Real Estate when I say a link to here.

19 02 2008
Real Estate In North Myrtle Beach Sc

How many times have I thought about this (Celebrate South Carolina)? This is a great article and I appreciate the thought you put into it. Thanks!!

22 04 2009
Laura Jefferson

Great blog! I just got back home (columbia) from MB. I love the ocean and fun! Ill be seeing you!

6 08 2009
Carolina Nina

Hi Laura, we need a contact in Columbia! How about it?

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